Welcome to the future of CRYO.

For more than 50 years, people all over the world have been using the power of extreme cold to treat a range of health problems.

Numerous studies have shown that exposing your body to temperatures as low as -110°C for a short amount of time can have numerous health benefits.
With the Powercab Cryo Chamber, for the first time, it’s possible to have a compact 1-person all-electric Cryo Chamber without the need for nitrogen. Offering a more cost-effective solution.

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The POWERCAB PERFORMANCE is the next evolution of our basic model. Equipped with all the features currently available.

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100% Electric

Without the use of

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High-performance technology with real temperatures.

High profitability

Low operating costs, maximum profits.

Modern & compact

Futuristic & compact design with an innovative app.

Future Proof

100% natural refrigerants ensure long-term use.

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General information about cryo chambers

Cryo Chamber – positive effects for body and psyche

The thought of voluntarily exposing oneself to temperatures of -110 °C for three minutes sounds incredible to many people. Professional competitive athletes and ambitious amateur athletes regularly choose to go to a Cryo Chamber. The positive effects of whole-body cryotherapy can be as follows: shortened recovery time, less muscle discomfort, reduced fatigue, and increased performance. This is proven by training and competition experience as well as scientific research.

The benefits of whole body cryotherapy

Whether it’s chronic pain and inflammation or joint disease, Cryotherapy can have positive effects on the entire body.

While selective applications have already been used in the past – e.g. in the form of cold packs and cold sprays – the whole-body application in the Cryo Chamber is a comparatively new procedure. It is important that visitors feel relaxed before entering the Cryo Chamber. Anyone who panics at the thought of -110 °C should first get used to the idea and talk to experienced Cryotherapy users.

Address concerns before Cryo Chamber visit

The thought of voluntarily exposing oneself to temperatures of -110 °C may not seem appealing to many people at first glance. What has become part of everyday training for some top athletes seems unimaginable to inexperienced people. Few people have ever experienced the sensation of dry cold. A voluntary check by a family doctor before the first visit to a Cryo Chamber contributes to personal reassurance and rules out the possibility of health risks. The usual outfit for visiting a Cryo Chamber consists of underwear, a hat, gloves, warm socks, bathing shoes, and a mouth guard. The clothes protect sensitive parts of the body.

Music for relaxation

During the visit to the Cryo Chamber, breathing is done through the nose. There is always visual contact with the outside area through the large glass door. Many operators who offer whole-body cold therapy offer to put on your favorite song for visitors. The loud music relaxes and makes time pass more quickly. It depends on individual sensation whether the three minutes in the Cryo Chamber are perceived as short or long. Once the first visit is over, the following cold sessions can be approached in a relaxed manner. After the visit in the Cryo Chamber it is – in contrast to a sauna visit – not necessary to shower.

Is the purchase of a Cryo Chamber profitable?

A Cryo Chamber can be operated profitably. How long the payback period is in detail depends essentially on the number of paying customers. If only 10 people use the Cryo Chamber per day, a turnover of around 10,000 euros per month can be generated at a price of 39 euros per visit. With an increasing number of users, the turnover increases considerably.

Economically sensible – investment in Cryo Chamber

Investing in a professional whole-body Cryo Chamber makes perfect sense for companies that work with relevant target groups in their daily business. Classics are spa and rehabilitation facilities that offer whole-body cryotherapy as an application. Physiotherapists and fitness studios create a unique selling point through the acquisition of a Cryo Chamber and open up new target groups. In the beauty sector, whole-body cryotherapy can be offered as an excellent complement to beauty treatments and body-oriented applications.

Cryotherapy: How can the Cryo Chamber help the body?

The stay in the Cryo Chamber and the extreme cold can help to increase the oxygen saturation in the blood. Muscles and internal organs can thus be better supplied with blood, which can support faster recovery after exercise. A visit to the Cryo Chamber can help relieve physical discomfort – for example, after in rheumatism and bruises – and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In the beauty sector, Cryo Chambers are used with the aim of body tightening, cellulite combating and lasting anti-aging effects.

What ailments can Cryotherapy in the Cryo Chamber help with?

Visits to the Cryo Chamber can help relieve muscle pain and promote healing processes after injuries. Rheumatism and arthritis patients can benefit from the positive effects of cold. Multiple positive effects can result from the anti-inflammatory effects of cold. Chronic inflammation is blamed for the development of many diseases such as cancer or even depression.

What is a whole-body Cryo Chamber?

A term commonly used in the field is ice sauna. Just like in a sauna, you go completely into a closed cabin, where temperatures are -110 °C. The chamber has a pleasant size with sufficient freedom of movement. If the Cryo Chamber is additionally sounded with one’s favourite music, time passes more quickly.

What does a visit to a Cryo Chamber cost?

A visit to a Cryo Chamber costs an average of 39 euros per application nationwide. Promotional offers at reduced prices serve to attract new customers and to inspire them for Cryotherapy. Those who have experienced the positive effect of the dry cold in the Cryo Chamber as well as the pain-relieving effects will want to repeat the experience. In that case, it is worth paying lower package prices.

Where to buy Cryo Chamber?

Whereas in the past the operation of a Cryo Chamber required prior technical knowledge due to the handling of nitrogen, the operation of the POWERCAB is 100 percent electric. A quote for an innovative Cryo Chamber can be easily requested via the website

What happens in the Cryo Chamber?

In the Cryo Chamber, the temperature is cooled to -110 °C and the body is subjected to a thermal shock. One application lasts three minutes. Dry cold is perceived by people as more pleasant than wet cold, so the cold sensation is well tolerable. For this reason, cryotherapy is becoming more and more widely used.

Positive effects of whole body cryotherapy

The strong temperature difference can stimulate the metabolism and the immune system. This allows the body to work at full speed and burn energy. Since the effect lasts for a longer time after visiting the Cryo Chamber, according to calculations, up to 2-3 calories per kilogram of body weight can be burned. Regular use of whole-body cryotherapy can lead to a habituation effect and the energy consumption can increase continuously. The feeling of feeling wide awake and full of energy after a visit to the Cryo Chamber is not only related to the low temperatures. The release of endorphins provides feelings of happiness and can make depressive moods and fatigue disappear.

Many people report a more beautiful complexion after regular whole-body cold therapy. Besides oxygen, the blood can transport nutrients and hormones to the cells, which accelerate regeneration processes. Stimulation of the immune system can protect against diseases and create the best conditions for good general health.

Those who regularly practice sports with intensive training sessions on a professional level can accelerate the body’s own regeneration through whole-body cryotherapy. It is a good feeling to be able to increase physical limits without severe pain and pronounced muscle soreness being the consequences. Immediately after visiting the Cryo Chamber, users can feel their muscles relax. The feeling of being refreshed helps to increase motivation before further training sessions. It may be easier to improve one’s performance through whole-body cryotherapy if the physical effects of training are positively influenced.

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