Why  Cryotherapy? 

Whole-body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the process of exposing the entire body to thermal shock at a temperature of -110°C for three minutes. This can produce many different benefits for the body:

Sport & Regeneration

Athletes use the WBC before or after exercise to train harder, longer, and more effectively or to recover faster. WBC can increase the oxygen saturation in the body and can thus be used as a boost before exercise or for better muscle recovery after exercise.

Pain management

WBC users report reduced pain and increased mobility. The WBC is used in all areas of inflammatory diseases. In addition, the WBC can be used in the treatment of skin diseases, migraines, or depression.

Health & Wellness

Studies have shown that WBC can lead to deeper sleep helping fight insomnia. The release of endorphins can also recharge your batteries and lighten your mood. Cryotherapy is also shown to improve immune function.

Beauty & Anti-aging

Users of WBC report fewer wrinkles, firmer skin, and improved connective tissue, as well as less cellulite, as WBC can stimulate collagen production and thus ensure a rejuvenated appearance.

Dietry support

Due to the extreme cooling of the skin surface temperature, the body works hard to achieve thermal balance using up a lot of calories. Also, the metabolism can be stimulated and the basal metabolic rate increased. The latest studies have shown that WBC can help the conversion of white fat cells into brown fat cells.


Excellent opportunity
for Businesses. 

WBC applications are offered at an average of EUR 39 per application.