The premium cold chamber for those who value maximum performance and the latest design.



The POWERCAB PERFORMANCE is the most advanced cold chamber from Medner Medizintechnik Germany. Equipped with the modern features and unique design. Made in Germany.

100% Electric

Without the use of


High-performance technology with real evaporator temperatures.

High profitability

Low operating costs, maximum profits.

Modern & compact

Futuristic & compact design with an innovative app.

cold chamber refrigerant
Future Proof

100% natural refrigerants ensure long-term use.

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Technical features

cold chamber ventilation
Boost Ventilation Pro

Adjustable ventilation speed for an additional cold kick with even more power.

sound system

Optimal sound for a great customer experience.

LED Light System

Individual color change of the lighting via integrated software

heated glas
Heated Glass

Ice-free glass for a clear view, individually adjustable.

compressor cold chamber
Dual compressor (Performance Pro model only)

Dual cooling capacity for lower temperatures and unbeatable performance.



The POWERCAB is compact, powerful and efficient.
Room requirements: Temperature < 23 °C | Humidity < 30% 

power consumption
Power consumption: 3.5 kWh (7 kWh Pro)
Weight: 420kg (500kg Pro)
1944mm x 1275mm x 2425mm
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BUY COLD CHAMBERContact us now

BUY COLD CHAMBERContact us now

Boost your business with a cold chamber

Whether you run a fitness studio, a wellness SPA, a practice or a beauty salon: with a POWERCAB cold chamber you can clearly stand out from your competition and offer your customers more.
Expand your offer with our cold chamber and contribute to improving the lifestyle of your customers.

Cold chamber popularity is increasing

Cryo is growing in popularity. Likewise, knowledge of their positive effects is increasing due to increased interest from clinics. Some studies on the effects of extreme short-term cold on the body have already been published


When dealing with buying a cryo chamber there are four points to note:

1. Energy consumption: With an average power consumption of 3.5 kW/h, POWERCAB is the most energy-efficient cold chamber on the market.
The power consumption is half that of conventional cryo chambers.

2. Cooling capacity: The POWERCAB's ultra-high-performance cooling unit generates temperatures down to -110°C. POWERCAB has the most powerful evaporator.

3. Software: The POWERCAB's integrated software can not only start or stop an application, as with conventional cold chambers, but also offers a customer database, anamnesis function, various light settings, interfaces to various health tracking providers, individual determination of the optimal application time for your customers and much more.

4. Quality and design: The futuristic design is a real eye-catcher and quickly arouses the interest of your customers. The POWERCAB is 100% manufactured in Berlin, Germany. We are proud of our quality seal

Convince yourself of the POWERCAB and Claim your offer.